Gu 2015 Rainfall Outlook

Rainfall Outlook
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The Somalia rainfall forecast for Gu 2015 rainy season is calling for normal rains in most parts of the country with few areas expected to receive enhanced rains. Despite the normal rains and due to the weak river embankments in the Juba and Shabelle rivers, there is risk of flooding owing to the topography of the area, uncontrolled irrigation activities and poor river basin management due to collapse of pre-war flood control infrastructure. As part of flood preparedness and contingency planning SWALIM, using satellite images, has mapped the river breakages in the middle and lower parts of the two rivers which are most vulnerable. The breakages database produced and shared with you earlier has been updated to include recent data for the January and February 2015 period. Three types of breakages have been identified namely; open, potential and closed. The open breakages are those that were still open during the period of investigation. The potential breakages represent points that have very weak river embankment or have experienced several breakages in the recent past. The closed breakages are those that were previously open but efforts have been made to close them.
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March, 2015