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FAO SWALIM supports mapping of groundwater sources for priority humanitarian interventions in Somalia

Access to water is a basic human need, and achieving full coverage remains a challenge in many areas of Somalia. To address this, FAO SWALIM has supported the Somalia ministries and institutions

SWALIM Empowers Ministry Partners with GIS Skills

SWALIM has set up nine data centres in collaboration with Ministries in Somalia as part of its strategic approach in capacity building, it has continually concentrated on training staff from the data centres, ministries and other partners in Somalia. It is anticipated that with time, these institutions will be able to fully take over the work done by SWALIM with little external support.

SWALIM Runs Webinar on Land and Water Data Collection Using Low Cost Smartphones in Somalia

Through a series of webinars the SWALIM project staff seeks to explain in detail the ICT innovations used and share the lessons learned with the members of the e-Agriculture Community of Practice and other interested participants. You can access the Webinar through this link: http://bit.ly/2r9Fyz2

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SWALIM Maps Prosopis invaded areas in Somaliland

According to a study carried out by Candlelight in 2006, Prosopis was first introduced in Somalia in the early 1950 in the area west of Berbera by a British forester to combat desertification, dust storms and sand dune movement. Later, in the 1970s and 1980s, it was introduced in several areas of Somaliland to reduce environment degradation in the area. The inhabitants were destroying native trees for fuelwood and construction material.

Somalia remains in drought conditions following another failed rainy season

Somalia is in the second year of a severe drought—the kind that is increasingly likely as the climate warms. All the water dependent sectors have been adversely affected, reflecting different levels of drought preparedness in Somalia. For now, urban areas are in a better shape, thanks to diversified humanitarian aid in the country. The greatest vulnerabilities are in some low-income rural communities where water resources are running dry.


Somalia Rainfall Forecast 16-03-2018

Most areas across Somalia remained dry over the last three days, apart from light rains reported in few pockets in Somaliland, and light to moderate rains in parts of Bay region.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast 13-03-2018

While the Gu season is yet to start in Somalia, light to moderate rains were reported in parts of Somaliland since the last week of February and first week of March.

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Status of River Breakages Along Shabelle Rivers as at Feb 2018

The Gu 2018 (April to June) rainfall forecast points towards near-normal to below-normal rains within the Juba and Shabelle River basin. However, flooding along the two rivers is likely to occur, especially in areas with open river banks/weak river embankments.

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SWALIM is currently funded by EU with contribution from The World Bank, DFID, USAID and SHF

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