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Webinar : SWALIM -18 Year Journey in Somalia

SWALIM’s services remain highly relevant to help Somalia preserve and manage its natural resource base – including diminishing groundwater, tree cover and soil fertility – and to protect its people against the impacts of recurrent climate shocks.

Italian Cooperation supports the SWALIM programme

15 November 2018 - The Joint Committee for Development Cooperation, chaired by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Emanuela Del Re, met today and approved, among other matters, a 3-million-Euro grant to support FAO’s SWALIM programme (Somali Water and Land Information Management), Phase VI in Somalia. https://bit.ly/2FI5e1p

SWALIM Supports Somaliland Ministry of Agricultural Development to Improve its Climate Monitoring Network

The Somaliland Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD) with technical and financial support of FAO SWALIM has embarked on an exercise to revamp and fix the climate monitoring network. Weather monitoring is an important exercise as it impacts on agricultural production. For More information is available on the link: https://bit.ly/2MgYLwM

 Journal Publications

Validation of the CHIRPS satellite rainfall estimates over eastern Africa
Long and temporally consistent rainfall time series are essential in climate analyses and applications.
Uncovering the challenges of domestic energy access in the context of weather and climate extremes in Somalia
In Somalia, challenges related to energy access is influenced by both weather and climate extremes and associated conflict.
Towards a spatial Data Infrastructure for Somalia using open source standards
SDI is a well-known concept in Africa, many countries are on the way to having a formal SDI strategy Certain countries, such as Somalia, are starting the process of nation building after years of war.

 In focus

Hydro-met Observations, Early warning and Climate Information Dissemination Training in Mogadishu

To improve the value and quality of data from the hydro-metric networks in south and Central Somalia, a total of nine participants drawn from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Federal Republic of Somalia and SWALIM River gauge readers from key monitoring stations along Shabelle Rivers participated in a training aimed to improve the capacity of the gauge readers in carrying out the tasks of collecting, processing and transmitting precipitation, River water level data and other hydro-meteorological information.

Status of River Breakages Along Shabelle River, August 2018

SWALIM, has completed the analysing and mapping of river breakages along the Shabelle River using very high resolution (sub meter) satellite imagery and a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). Four types of breakages have been identified along Shabelle River namely; Open, Overflow, Potential and Closed. The open breakages are those that were still open during the month of July 2018.

Temporal Analysis of Shabelle River Water-levels as Seen from Very High-resolution Satellite Images

The Shabelle River which is one of the two perennial rivers in Somalia has had some sections of the channel getting dry for the third time in three years. The first being February and March 2016, then February and March 2017 and finally some sections dried early December 2017 to Mid-March 2018. The Gu rains are expected to kick off in late March and early April within the basin and this will see a rise in river levels.

 SWALIM Publications

Somalia Deyr Rainfall Perfomance, 2018

The 2018 Deyr rainy season was generally poor with many areas in Somalia recording average to below average rains. This is contrary to earlier predictions of enhanced rainfall in the country. Some areas in Sool, Sanaag and most of the central regions recorded little or no rains during the season.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast: Issued 28-11-2018

The three days cumulated rainfall forecast is pointing towards light rains in scattered places across the country with Puntland expected to remain dry within the three days.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast: Issued 23-11-2018

During the last week, some places in the southern regions of the country, received light to moderate rains with a few stations recording cumulative amounts of 10 to 40mm.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast: Issued 14-11-2018

The rainfall forecast for the next seven days is calling for increased rains of up to 50—100 mm cumulative in the southern regions of Gedo, Middle Juba, Bay, Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle and Hiraan.

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SWALIM is currently funded by EU with contribution from The Italian Cooperation, The World Bank, DFID, USAID and SHF

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