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SWALIM Holds Information Sharing Fair

SWALIM will be holding two “Information Sharing Days” for colleagues and partners to be held on July 12th and 13th, 2016, at the FAO Somalia offices in Nairobi. The open days are geared toward info

SWALIM Partners with Local Disaster Agencies

SWALIM continues to strengthen its partnerships with local disaster management authorities; HADMA, NERAD and SoDMA, in Puntland, Somaliland and Southern and Central regions, respectively.

SWALIM Expands Climate Monitoring Network

SWALIM has partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) to monitor the climate inside Somalia.

SWALIM Improves Ground Water Monitoring Systems

To improve groundwater monitoring, SWALIM has acquired state-of-the-art groundwater monitoring equipment (known as divers) for installation in aquifers at sites in major cities across the country.

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SWALIM Supports Natural Resource Management Activities in Somalia

The rapidly increasing human population in Somalia, coupled with protracted civil strife, continues to exert heavy pressure on the land and environment, resulting in a rapid depletion of the country’s natural resources. The current situation is unsustainable, in that resources are being extracted more quickly than they can regenerate, leading to the gradual loss of these important biological assets.

El Niño, How SWALIM Supported Early Warning and Preparedness

The El Niño climate phenomenon of 2015 was predicted to be one of the strongest and most destructive in history (see SWALIM Newsletter Update 9 of May-August 2015). In anticipation of the potentially dire effects in Somalia, SWALIM worked hard with development partners and Somali authorities to mount an unprecedented campaign of preparedness.


Middle Shabelle Region Floods Reported observation and Landsat-8 (12 May 2016) image analysis

This dataset was digitized directly from Landsat-8 imagery of 12th May 2016 to show the areal extent of Jowhar flooding. Please note that the flooded area might not be exact due to the cloud cover hindering the interpretation.

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Somali Gu 2016 Rainfall Performance

The Gu 2016 season started off well in advance in some parts of the country during the third dekad of March and continued to spread spatially in the first and second dekads of April. Other parts especially in Puntland and southern regions had a late start of the season which also ended early.

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Belet Weyne flood map - June 2016

The town of Belet Weyne and its environs experienced one of the biggest floods in recent history. The floods, which lasted over 10 days were caused by overbank spillage from Shabelle River following heavy rains experienced in the Ethiopian highlands over the past one month.

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Somalia Flood Watch 31-05-2016

During the week that ended on 30 May 2016, minimal rainfall activities were experienced in Juba and Shabelle basins inside Somalia as well as the Ethiopian highlands. Most stations recording no rainfall.

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