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FAO-SWALIM Work in Puntland

Since 2006 Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) has been operating in Puntland. Informative data has been collected on land, water and climate. The information is organized in themes: Water resources (Climate, floods, water resources and water reports); Land resources (Land degradation, Land suitability, soils and land reports). This information is generated with the support of a strong Information management, GIS and remote sensing units in collaboration with Puntland government partner institutions. SWALIM information management team has organized the data to facilitate quick retrieval through a variety of online and offline platforms. Download publication (pdf, 3.5 MB)

The Puntland water and land resources – Information Management Center

The Information Management Center (IMC) will be a special agency under the Puntland State of Somalia whose main function shall be to collect, process and analyze water and land resources information in coordination with the relevant government institutions, in support of policy development for sustainable and integrated water and land resources management, and to provide water and land related data and information to the end users. Download pdf(2.5 MB)

FAO-SWALIM Recognised for Partnership with Banadir University

FAO SWALIM has been working together with academic institutions in order to foster long-term research relationships on specific projects of interest and to generate knowledge for the betterment of the lives of Somali communities.

 Journal Publications

Validation of the CHIRPS satellite rainfall estimates over eastern Africa
Long and temporally consistent rainfall time series are essential in climate analyses and applications.
Uncovering the challenges of domestic energy access in the context of weather and climate extremes in Somalia
In Somalia, challenges related to energy access is influenced by both weather and climate extremes and associated conflict.
Towards a spatial Data Infrastructure for Somalia using open source standards
SDI is a well-known concept in Africa, many countries are on the way to having a formal SDI strategy Certain countries, such as Somalia, are starting the process of nation building after years of war.

 In focus

Climate-smart water harvesting and storage systems help rural communities overcome climate shocks

FAO and the European Union partner with government and communities to strengthen water resource management for improved food security in Puntland and Somaliland

EU and FAO handover a new Water and Land Information Management Centre to Government of Somalia in Puntland

This Centre will support the Government in management of land and water resources, and ultimately the people of Somalia as we are all the stewards of these assets for now and for the future

Improving flood response in Somalia through remote sensing

Satellite imagery reports riverbank breakages in real timeSomalia, like many countries, is affected by frequent climate-related hazards such as floods, droughts and tropical storms.

SWALIM Online Systems Virtual Launch

Since inception in 2001, SWALIM has collected, processed, analyzed and archived land and water information and datasets across Somalia.

 SWALIM Publications

Somalia Rainfall Forecast – Issued 23 November 2022

In the last one week most parts of Somaliland and Puntland remained dry with a few stations recording light rains (Bandar Beyla 19mm, Galkacyo 5mm, Balli Dhiddin 2.4 mm). Little or no rains were recorded in Central Somalia during the same period.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast – Issued 15 November 2022

There was reduced rainfall activities across Somalia over the last one week. Few stations in Somaliland recorded moderate rains, including Las-Dawaco 83.5mm and Dhubato 35mm, while light rains were recorded in Dararweyne 14mm, Lughaye 14mm, Zaila 13mm and Xaji – Salah 12 mm.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast – Issued 08 November 2022

Most parts of south and central Somalia received light to moderate rains over the last one week. Some of the stations that recorded good rainfall amounts in the past week include Bulo Burti 28mm, Balad 19mm, Bardheere 18mm, Luuq 13.5mm and Jowhar 9mm.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast – Issued 01 November 2022

Most parts of south and central Somalia have received moderate rains with good distribution over the last one week. In Bay and Bakool regions heavy rains were recorded in Baidoa recorded 144mm, Dinsoor 103.5mm, Quansadheere 66.4mm, Huddur 45.5mm and El barde 41mm over the last one week.

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SWALIM is a multi-donor project managed by FAO and currently funded by The European Union, The Italian Cooperation, DFID, USAID and Government of France