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SWALIM Gives Training in Mogadishu on Open-Source GIS, Google Earth and GPS

SWALIM has been working on expanding the capacity of Somali government line ministries and partner agencies on the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by conducting an intensive training co

Heavy storms experienced in parts of Somaliland

Heavy storms have been reported  in parts of Awdal and Wooqoyi Galbeed regions in Somaliland. The storms have led destruction of structures, loss of unconfirmed number of livestock and six human lives. For details refer to Somalia Rainfall Forecast 07-04-2016


SWALIM project has been awarded WSIS Prize Champions in the category of “E-Agriculture” for 2016. This is a very important recognition of the innovative work that SWALIM has carried out in making the most of modern digital technologies in a developing country context. SWALIM joins 5 other projects in this category and 88 projects overall that have been named “Champions”.

SWALIM Gives Training on Land Degradation and Land Cover Mapping in Puntland

As part of its ongoing capacity-building efforts to the Somali line ministries, SWALIM carried out nine days of practical training on open-source Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools and methods for mapping Land Degradation and Land Cover using remote sensing technologies. The hand-on courses were delivered within the Puntland Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (MoEWT).

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El Niño, How SWALIM Supported Early Warning and Preparedness

The El Niño climate phenomenon of 2015 was predicted to be one of the strongest and most destructive in history (see SWALIM Newsletter Update 9 of May-August 2015). In anticipation of the potentially dire effects in Somalia, SWALIM worked hard with development partners and Somali authorities to mount an unprecedented campaign of preparedness.

SWALIM in Mogadishu

What was organized to be the first SWALIM open day in Mogadishu turned out to be an active platform for strengthening SWALIM collaboration with key partners and for engagement with the wider group of water and land sector stakeholders. A spirit of reaching for “the common good” with Somalia water and land resources was evident throughout the five days of the event and the time turned out to be too short to address all the interesting and important issues that were raised.


Flood Watch Bulletin 04-05-2016

During the week that ended on 3rd May 2016, moderate to heavy rains were experienced in most areas of Juba and Shabelle basins inside Somalia as well as the Ethiopian highlands.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast 04-05-2016

Wet conditions are expected to persist across Somalia in the next three days.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast 03-05-2016

Widespread rains are expected across Somalia in the next three days.

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Somalia Rainfall Forecast 02-05-2016

Heavy rains within the Juba and Shabelle Basins have led to increased river levels along the two rivers. The forecast for the next three days calls for more rains in the basins.

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