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SWALIM Launches New Website

SWALIM is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. The new site is expected to provide our information users with an easier way to learn about who and what SWALIM is, what we do and how to access the extensive collection of data, documents, maps and other information that SWALIM has consolidated and produced on Somalia’s water and land resources over the past 10 years.

Information Management Training for Women

In partnership with East African University in Garowe and Golis University in Hargeisa, SWALIM conducted an information management training between 17 and 30 May 2015 for women. Participants in the training were drawn from staff members from any department within SWALIM's partner ministries and government agencies such as finance, administration, registry, stores, etc, who currently use or are in future expected to use computers and other computing devices. 

Geo-spatial Technology Training for Somaliland MoERD

SWALIM has concluded a 10 day Geo-Spatial training course for the Somaliland Ministry of Environment and Rural Development in Hargeisa, held in May 2015. The course targeted selected ministrytechnical staff and covered Global Positioning System (GPS), Google Earth, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing among other related topics.

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Gu 2015 Rainfall Performance

The GU 2015 rainy season which started off early in many parts of the country in the third dekad (period of ten days) of March and continued to spread spatially in the first and second dekads of April has come to an end. The season was generally good in most parts of the country, with many places recording normal to above normal rains. The good rains led to improved water availability and favorable soil moisture conditions for both crop and pasture growth.

Gu 2015 Rainfall Outlook

The Somalia rainfall forecast for Gu 2015 rainy season is calling for normal rains in most parts of the country with few areas expected to receive enhanced rains. Despite the normal rains and due to the weak river embankments in the Juba and Shabelle rivers, there is risk of flooding owing to the topography of the area, uncontrolled irrigation activities and poor river basin management due to collapse of pre-war flood control infrastructure.


GU 2015 Rainfall Performance - 25-06-2015

The GU 2015 rainy season started off early in many parts of the country in the third dekad of March and continued to spread spatially in the first and second dekads of April.

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Somalia Dekadal Rainfall Bulletin - Dekad 16 2015 (11-06-2015)

During the first dekad of June 2015 (1st – 10th), there was a decrease of rainfall activities from the previous dekad across the country with moderate rains being recorded in parts of the northern regions and no rainfall in the southern and central parts of the country.

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Somalia Flood Watch Bulletin - (09-06-2015)

During the week ending on 8th June 2015, there was minimal rainfall activity within the Juba and Shabelle river basins inside Somalia and light to moderate rains within the Ethiopian highlands.

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