W-08 Rural water supply assessment

Technical report
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Water resources in Somalia are limited both in quantity and quality, with frequent droughts and floods further worsening the water security situation in the country. Before the onset of civil war in early 1991, the main institution in charge of water resources management in Somalia was the Ministry of Water and Mineral Resources (MWMR) through the National Water Centre (NWC). Exploitation of domestic water supplies was the responsibility of the Water Development Agency (WDA), while the ministry of Agriculture planned and operated water for agricultural activities in the Shabelle River. For the Juba River, development was the responsibility of the Ministry of National Planning and Juba Valley Development. Institutional arrangements of water resources management showed fragmentation, without a clear divide between the functions of national and local agencies. With the outbreak of civil war in 1991, much of the water infrastructure in Somalia was destroyed and social services such as health,education, water and sanitation were seriously affected.Being located in an extremely water-scarce area, the environmental, social and economic development of Somalia is to a large extent dependent on improved water security through effective management of water resources.
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October, 2007
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