SWALIM Empowers Ministry Partners with GIS Skills

SWALIM has set up nine ‘data centres’ in collaboration with Ministries in Somalia as part of its strategic approach in capacity building, it has continually concentrated on training staff from the data centres, ministries and other partners in Somalia. It is anticipated that with time, these institutions will be able to fully take over the work done by SWALIM with little external support.

In the 2017 GIS training plan, focus is put on hands on training where practical capacity building exercises are done. One of such training was done in Mogadishu from 29th July to 2nd August, 2017. The course was a 4- day introductory training where 16 trainees were introduced to GIS theory, ArcGIS software interface and software navigation, Geoprocessing tools, Creation of vector datasets and Map Production. The training followed the model of Action based learning where the concept was introduced followed by practise.

Participants got the chance to see how they can enable their respective organizations to make decisions and formulate policies with the use of GIS, they learned how variety of data types can be used to create map interfaces that make situations easier to understand and hence allow policy makers or departments heads gain astute intelligence and therefore make evidence based decisions.

Simple geoprocessing and analysis was presented where the users were able to show location based problems, examples being population served by a borehole, distance between boreholes, road buffers and agricultural activities along two Major rivers in Somalia and then put some thinking behind the figures. The aim was to gain understanding from simply calculating appropriations to understanding policy concerns around these figures.

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