Somalia Rainfall Forecast: Issued 26 November 2019

Rainfall Forecast
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Rainfall of moderate to heavy intensities has been received in several locations across the country. The heavy downpour which started on 22 to 26 November 2019 led to flash floods in some places. Some of the places affected by flash floods include Erigavo and Zeylac districts in Somaliland which saw displacement of several households and destruction of property. Parts of Mogadishu were also flooded following a heavy downpour in the night of 25 November where 78mm of rainfall was recorded. Many stations in Puntland also recorded heavy rains during the last week which led to flash floods. The cumulative rainfall forecast for the next three and seven days is calling for a reduction of rainfall activities across the country as well as within the Ethiopian highlands with little or no rains expected after 27 November 2019. River levels along the Shabelle remain high and are anticipated to remain so in the coming week. There remains a moderate risk of flooding along the river. Observed river levels along the Juba continued to drop and are currently within the normal at this time of the year.
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November, 2019