Somalia Rainfall Forecast - Issued 23 April 2020

Rainfall Forecast
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The Gu rainy season continued to spread in time and space within Somalia. Moderate to heavy rains were reported in many places in the last two days since the last update. Gedo, Bay, Bakool and Middle Juba regions in the south recorded the highest amounts of rainfall. Heavy rains were also observed in Somaliland where some stations received a total of more than 100mm in a single day on 21 April 2020. The rainfall forecast for the coming week is calling for increased rainfall activities in most areas inside Somalia and in the Ethiopian highlands. The rains will be between today and tomorrow followed by a slight reduction of the activities thereafter. There has been very heavy rains within the Juba basin over the last 24 hours. Flash floods have been reported in Dollow this morning while the river level at Luuq is 0.50m away from the moderate flood risk level. The levels in Bardheere have surpassed the moderate flood risk level and flooding has been reported in the area. In Middle Juba region, the levels are also very high and expected to continue rising. There is therefore a High risk of flooding along the Juba River during this week. The River levels along the Shabelle River remain below normal at this time of the year. Given the rainfall forecast within the Ethiopian highlands, the levels are expected o continue rising with no foreseen immediate threat of flooding. There is also a High risk of flash floods in Bay region due to foreseen heavy rains within the next 24 hours.
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April, 2020