L-14 Land Degradation Assessment and a Monitoring Framework in Somalia

Technical report
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In this study, national-level assessment of land degradation was done using time series remote sensing images from 1982 till 2008 and expert opinion about the history of the degradation in Somalia dating back as far as the experts could remember. The objective of the study was to identify potential causes, types, and impacts of land degradation at the national level and to identify local spots for comprehensive assessment. The outputs from this study was envisaged to support policy decisions for combating land degradation at the national level and to give the general guidelines of the sections of the country experiencing severe degradation so that appropriate planning of the national resources could be instituted. The assessment was stratified according to land use systems units in the country. In addition to the assessment, the study also established good baseline information for future monitoring of land degradation in Somalia.
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June, 2009
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