Homboy Irrigated Settlement Project, Volume 2 Physical Planning

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Swalim reference library
(Extract from the Introduction)BR The present report describes the methods, findings and conclusions of the soil survey investigations, forming part of the Phase II studies which were carried out in the Homboy Irrigated Settlement Project Area. Chapter 1 gives an account of the general natural and human resources of the area and Chapter 2 describes the soils in more detail, drawing on information gained from the present survey and investigations. The principles and methods employed for arriving at the land suitability classification for the proposed development are described in Chapter 3, along with general guidelines as to suitability for rain fed agriculture. The findings, conclusions and recommendations of this study are presented in the andlsquoSummary and Conclusionsandrsquoat the beginning of the report.Br The Homboy Scheme is a large and complex development. In addition to extensive civil works the lives of more than 25,000 settlers presently residing at Dujuuma and over 8,000 local residents within the project area will be deeply affected. The physical planning necessary to ensure a smooth yet rapid development, while at the sane time, minimising hardship and unnecessary disturbance, has been studied in detail, and our proposals are presented in this volume. Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 cover the important aspects of villagisation, the relocation of the settler-s and the infrastructure necessary to support both the domestic and scheme management requirements. A summary of costs is also included. The Annex describes the main construction works and again costs are included.
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January, 1980
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