Dara Salaam Busley Agricultural Development, Project Annexes 6-11

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The report describes the observations and recommendations resulting from a range management consultancy in support of the Soil Erosion Control Project implemented by the NGO Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI) in Borama and Baki Districts, western Somaliland, and funded by the European Community. During the mission, focus was on biological measures to reduce soil erosion, in particular through range management techniques, and rehabilitation of eroded land. Because the first phase of the project ended early May 1997, recommendations aim especially at the proposed second phase- Somalia intends to increase its arable crop production, ultimately to attain self-sufficiency in cereals (except in wheat which cannot be grown in the country economically), decrease its import requirements of vegetable oils, become self-sufficient in cotton lint and exploit a potential export market in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia for water melons. brThe proposed project area has been found in the course of this study to be potentially suitable to further this overall objective: in most features it is similar, or better, than nearby areas where development projects have successfully increased agricultural production.BR Annexes to this Report:BR Annex 1: SOILSBR Annex 2: WATER RESOURCES BR Annex 3: SOCIO ECONOMICS BR Annex 4: AGRICULTURE BR Annex 5: LIVESTOCKBR Annex 6: ENGINEERING BR Annex 7: JILAAL MOOGI ZONE BR Annex 8: SURVEYS BR Annex 9: MANAGEMENT AND IMPLEMENTATIONBR Annex 10: IMPROVEMENT OF TILLAGE ON CRACKING CLAYSBR Annex 11: TENDER DOCUMENTSBR Annex 12: PRINCIPAL UNIT RATES ADOPTED (CONFIDENTIAL) BR
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January, 1988
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