Dams and development; A new framework for decision making

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Dams and Development-A New Framework for Decision-Making, by the World Commission on Dams, is the most influential and important report related to water resources management today. The World Commission on Dams (WCD) was born out of a significant IUCN-World Bank-sponsored workshop in Gland, Switzerland in April 1997. Representatives of diverse interests came together to discuss the highly controversial issues associated with large dams. After much discussion, and being unable to reach consensus, they proposed the establishment of a andrdquoWorld Commission on Damsandrdquoto discuss the issues more in-depth and to try to arrive at some kind of conclusion. The commission began its work in May 1998 and presented its completed findings on 16 November 2000 in London, after heated discussions and input from many specialists and related personalities. The reports consists of Part I, andrdquoThe WCD Global Review of Large Dams,andrdquoand Part II, andrdquoThe Way Forward,andrdquowhich includes many tables, figures, and annexes (bibliography, glossary, etc.). Following Chapter 1, andrdquoWater, Development and Large Dams,andrdquoPart I consists of five chapters: andrdquoTechnical, Financial and Economic Performance,andrdquoandrdquoEcosystems and Large Dams: Environmental Performance,andrdquoandrdquoOptions for Water and Energy Resources Development,andrdquoand andrdquoDecision-Making, Planning and Institutions.andrdquoPart II consists of four chapters: andrdquoEnhancing Human Development: Rights, Risks and Negotiated Outcomes,andrdquoandrdquoStrategic Priorities,andrdquoandrdquoCriteria and Guidelines-Applying the Strategic Priorities,andrdquoand andrdquoBeyond the Commissions-An Agenda for Change.andrdquoBecause the report has plenty of statistical and historical information on large dams all over the world, it is useful and important as databook
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January, 2000
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