Water from dry riverbeds: How riverbeds can be turned into water sourcesby hand-dug wells and sand dams

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Water from dry riverbeds as a hands on manual provides the requisite insights and information on how surface runoff that is released into seasonal rivers as flash floods can be harnessed and abstracted through appropriate technologies such as hand dug wells, weirs and sand storage dams (sand and subsurface dams). This hands-on handbook begins with a historical perspective/background information on sandy riverbeds as reservoirs of good quality water and then goes on to look into the survey and design considerations required before constructing hand dug wells, weirs and sand storage dams (sand and subsurface dams). This manual has also addressed the concern over when to develop these water sources by giving the suitable seasons for surveys and construction works. The latter information is important because experiences from emergency relief operations in the arid lands of Kenya (i.e. Turkana) have showed that the construction of sand storage dams in times of drought cannot provide the badly needed water to water deficit areas. Instead, these dams should be developed with a view to being recharged during the rainy season and utilized in subsequent dry spells.
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January, 2006
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68 p.
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