Comprehensive groundwater development project Volume II: General activities

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This End of Project report (EPR) summarizes the results of five years of intensive effort to investigate and to develop the groundwater resource potential of Somalia. The scarcity 0f dependable water supplies for the rural population and for their livestock is one of the most serious constraints to the economic development of the country. The Government of the Democratic Republic of Somalia (GDRS), in recognition of this problem, and in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development ( U S A I D ) , estaSlished and funded the Comprehensive Groundwater Development Project (CGDP), This project was administered through the Water Development Agency (WDA) of the ministry of Minerals of Minerals and Water Resources, and was provided technical assistance by the firm of Louis Berger International, (LBI), in association with the Roscoe Moss Company (hereinafter referred to as LBII/RM). In addition 20 deveioping water supplies in the designated priority areas of the Bay, Hiran, Galgadud, and Mudug Regions (Figure) the overall purpose of the CGDP was to strengthen the WDA is capabiiity to construct,operate, and maintain rural water supply systems. As a further inducement to accomplish these goals, the CCDP was designed to be integrated with two existing USAID projectsthe Bay Region Agricultural Development project (BRAGB) and the Central Rangelands Development Project (CRDP).br; bVolumesb :ol li Executive Summary /li liGeneral Activities/li liHydrogeology/li liAppendix for volume 2/li liAppendices for volume 3/li /ol
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January, 1986
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