Homeboy irrigated settlement project Volume 4: Main Report

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The principle objective of the Homboy Irrigation Scheme is to provide all participants with a permanent abode and the resources to sustain a reasonable standard of living. Since the potential participants, (i.e. the existing farmers, sedentary and semi sedentary families of nomadic origin, e.g. nomads from Dujuuma and possibly refugees from northern Somalia) represent a wide range of ability, experience and aptitude for irrigated arable farming, determining a farm organisation settlement suited to everyone and achieving this objective will not be easy. In proposing a form of development we have taken into account the human resources involved, the need for time to adapt and acclimatise to a more disciplined way of Life and the policies of the Government towards the disposition of these human resources. Three mainframes of development, a state farm, village collectives and cooperatives within village blocks have been considered.br The report consists of the following volumes:br strongVolume 1 :Soils/strong strongVolume 2 :Physical Planning/strong blockquote Part 1 : Villagisationbr Part 2 : Relocationbr Part 3 : Groundwaterbr Part 4 : Infrastructurebr Annex : Main Construction Works and Costs/blockquote strongVolume 3 - Agricultural Planning/strong blockquote Part 1: Agriculturebr Part 2: Organisation, Management and Implementationbr Part 3 : Operation and Maintenance of the Irrigation System.br Part 4 : Economic and Financial Studies /blockquote In addition to these Volumes, a number of supporting contract documents and an album of engineering drawings have already been submitted.br
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January, 1980
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