SWALIM’s Natural Resource Management (NRM) Activities in Puntland

In April 2016, SWALIM kicked off field surveys on land resources in the Iskushuban District of Puntland State as part of the broader FAO Resilience Programme in Somalia. In anticipation of the field surveys, a team of ten young professionals, drawn from the staff of the Puntland Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (MoEWT) and selected for their educational backgrounds in the natural sciences, were given training on survey methodologies.

The young field surveyors braved the rough terrain of Iskushuban collecting data on various thematic areas, including land cover, land use, soils, livelihoods and Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE). The field surveys ended on 11th May, 2016, and the data collected was delivered to SWALIM, where the forms would be recorded, analysed and bound, with one copy given to the MoEWT for custody and another retained in SWALIM’s central office in Nairobi for further study and reference.

The resulting dataset will improve the management of natural resources and facilitate the identification and formulation of appropriate policies for sustainable and equitable development in the area through optimal utilization, co-ordination and management of these resources.

Good progress was also made toward the establishment of a community tree nursery in the district. Land was acquired by the project-constituted Tree Nursery Management Committee and a qualified forester was brought in to facilitate community dialogue and training on Natural Resources Management and Conservation. Hands-on training continues in the community as work progresses on the tree nursery, which includes the construction of a store, a water tank structure and shade netting to protect the saplings. The community will also be trained on how to manage the seed beds and, subsequently, to transplant the tree seedlings to orchards, woodlots, homesteads and other recipients.

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