Somalia Rainfall Forecast - Issued: 02 November 2020

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There has been a significant decline of rainfall amounts across Somalia over the last week. In the north western regions of Awdal, Wooqoyi Galbeed and Toghdheer, a prolonged dry period has been observed since the last week of September 2020. Most stations in these regions recorded little or no rainfall during the month of October 2020. Similarly, parts of Puntland have not received any rains since the first week of October. There also remains a significant rainfall deficit in most parts of the southern regions and especially the Jubas and Lower Shabelle. The last week saw a reduction of river levels along the Shabelle River. Currently, levels are within normal in Belet Weyne and Bulo Burti districts while the mid and lower reaches are still at high levels. In Agfooye, the levels are at full capacity and most parts of the riverine areas remain inundated with massive displacement being reported in the area. River levels along the Juba increased sharply in the last one week reaching alarming levels in Bardheere. This was due to heavy rains in the upper reaches of the Ethiopian side which also led to river flooding in Dollow. The last three days have however seen a reduction of the levels along the channel. The cumulative rainfall forecast for this week suggests a significant reduction of rainfall amounts across the country with light rains along the southern coastal areas. Little or no rainfall is foreseen in the Ethiopian highlands. This will subsequently lead to a decrease in river levels especially along the Shabelle river. Given the rainfall forecast and current situation along the two rivers, flooding is likely to persist in Lower Shabelle riverine areas. There is no risk of flooding foreseen along the Juba River. There is however a great concern of moisture deficits across the country especially in the rain fed agricultural areas of the southern regions. Drought conditions are foreseen if the trend continues.
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November, 2020