Somalia Deyr 2016 Rainfall Outlook

Rainfall Outlook
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According to the recently issued Seasonal Climate Forecast for the Greater Horn of Africa by the IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) in Kampala, Uganda, the 2016 Deyr rains in Somalia are expected to be below normal to near normal - with a 40% probability of experiencing below normal rains and a 35% probability of near normal rains in the entire country. The upper catchments of the Juba and Shabelle Rivers in Ethiopia are also expected to record depressed rains during the season. Please see attached for more details. Please note that this is a consensus forecast designed for a regional audience that addresses the rainfall totals summed over the three-month period from October to December, 2016. SWALIM and other technical partners will keep updating this forecast and monitoring performance of the rains for shorter time periods and will update you throughout the Deyr season via regular bulletins.
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September, 2016