Mapping Global Cities: GIS methods in Urban analysis

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Mapping Global Cities: GIS Methods in Urban Analysis shows how the analysis of relevant data with GIS can provide powerful new perspective in addressing urban research and policy questions, and it enhances our understanding and efforts in solving urban planning problems. Author Aye Pamuk draws upon her extensive fieldwork in developing countries, as well as more than ten years of work as a university professor, and extends those in new ways by using the power of spatial analysis with GIS. Part I of the book shows how analysts use GIS to explore global metropolitan regions, and provides an overview of spatial data used in GIS analysis. Part II shows how urban planners and policy makers use GIS, emphasizing the issue of local government and social service delivery. Part III shows how researchers use GIS to analyze spatial patterns in metropolitan areas, including locating immigrant clusters with census data and comparing immigrant clustering patterns across metropolitan areas. The bookandrsquos accompanying CD contains data and printable, step-by-step GIS exercise including a self-directed project, that enable students and users to make maps and explore themes covered in the chapters.
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January, 2006
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182 p.
includes bibliographical references and index , CD-ROM with printabe exercises and supporting data attached