Maintaining Somaliland’s Network of Weather Stations

Part of SWALIM’s mandate is to support climate monitoring in Somaliland, including drought and flood tracking tools and early warning information to enable rapid response to these hazards. In order to improve hydro-meteorological services, particularly flood and drought early warning systems, SWALIM routinely carries out maintenance on all the weather stations throughout the country to ensure the equipment runs correctly and efficiently. In June 2016, SWALIM carried out such an exercise, together with the ministry of Agriculture in Somaliland, on eight weather stations located in the districts of Borama, Gebiley, Aburin, Abaarso, Dhubato, Hareed, Berbera and Burao.  During this exercise new rain gauges were also installed to replace aging ones.

The climate information coming from the weather stations is channelled to the SWALIM climate experts in Nairobi, where it is analysed and stored in a central database. The data collected from the monitoring network is used to produce regular weather bulletins, such as the Gu and Deyr weekly and monthly weather bulletins, during rainy seasons. The data is widely used by SWALIM and other humanitarian agencies to monitor and report on climate-related disasters like drought and flash floods. Furthermore, it is used to support relief and development interventions as well as for research both locally and internationally.

The establishment and maintenance of the weather monitoring network in Somaliland has been made possible through the support and training provided by SWALIM through the Ministry of Agriculture in Somaliland.

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