News and Events

SWALIM Undertaking a Hydrogeology and Geophysics Survey in Ceel Waaq

SWALIM, in collaboration with a consulting company, is investigating groundwater potential in 10 selected sites in Ceel Waaq district, Gedo Region in Southern Somalia. The investigations involve geophysics and hydrogeology surveys at these sites.


SWALIM To Set Up Mogadishu Data Centers

SWALIM in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Electricity and Water are currently setting up data centres to serve water and land resources information needs in Mogadishu. The data centers will be based in the two ministries and will be fully equipped by SWALIM.


SWALIM Is Rebranding!

As part of the strategy to re-brand SWALIM and make its products more visible, a new project logo has been developed.  With the re-branding, we hope to increase the number of stakeholders who know what SWALIM does and can recognise SWALIM as a key player in water and land information management in Somalia.


SWALIM Supports Somali Biodiversity Strategy Development

Somalia is developing its first-ever National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, with the assistance of SWALIM, as a means of responding to its global obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)


GIS & GPS Training in Hargeisa - 27 - 30 October 2014

SWALIM has a training program that aims at building data management capacity of Somali partners. SWALIM has scheduled a 4 day training for local & international NGO's in Hargeisa, Somaliland between 27th and 30th September. The training will focus on Google Earth, GPS & Basic GIS and will include hands on practical sessions with the aim of developing and improving skills in field data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation.




Juba and Shabelle Flood Updates

The increasing trend of river levels along the two rivers is expected to continue given the forecast and the current situation and the risk of flooding remains High