Baseline survey and assesment for water and sanitation development and rehabilitation project in Bari Regon, Puntland

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As one of its objectives for intervention in the development of Puntland, 0GB wants to enhance peace and stability through increasing self-reliance in water supply among the various communities. The overall objective of the project is therefore to contribute to the process of social rehabilitation and strengthening the communityandrsquos ability to manage their own affairs in terms of ensuring sufficient availability of water and better sanitary conditions. The proposed project will enable communities in the selected project areas to have access to increased quantity of hygienically acceptable water. This project, as a water and sanitation intervention therefore, is planned to address the water and sanitation problems in the intervention areas by: • Extending the duration for which water will be available in the villages by increasing the water holding/maintaining (storing) capacity of existing berkads and by helping the community to construct new ones where • Increasing the awareness of the community about the need for consideration of sanitation issues and integrating sanitation activities in all water related activities, andbr • In close co-operation with other agencies (like Afnica-70) involved in sanitation activities, intensively engaging the (urban) communities in sanitation awareness activities and assisting the local authorities to take up the matter in a sustainable manner.
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April, 2002
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