Approaches to private participation in Water services: A toolkit

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69.0557 World Bank
(Extract from the preface)Approaches to Private Participation in Water Services will aid governments in developing countries that are interested in private participation in water supply and sanitation. Written for an audience that includes officials, consultants, and donors, the toolkit illustrates options for the design of policies that facilitate the delivery of good quality water and sanitation services to the poor and discusses the main advantages and disadvantages of the options. Among other things, it discusses stake- holder consultationthe trade-offs among tariffs, subsidies, and service standardsthe allocation of risks and responsibilitiesand the selection of the operator. In addition to nine chapters that set out and analyze options for private participation, the toolkit includes an appendix of examples that illustrate the choices made by sixteen governments, a spreadsheet-based policy simulation model that illustrates three of the issues discussed in the text (stakeholder analysis, balancing tariffs and service standards, and the allocation of risk), and a CD-ROM that includes documents that offer different perspectives and more detailed advice.
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January, 2006
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320 p.
includes bibliographic references, glossary and index,fig., tables, boxes