Somalia water sources

Somalia water sourcesSWALIM released an information management tool - the Somalia Water sources Information Management System (SWIMS) in August 2006. SWIMS is a relational database application designed to store and manage data for the five principal types of water sources in Somalia: boreholes, dams, berkads, dugwells and springs.It has three core modules:

  • Source Location module holds the primary table to which all other data are linked. Each source location is uniquely identified by name, source type and GPS coordinates.
  • Source Records module is designed to provide a record that can be used to build a comprehensive history of the source. To use this feature, the user is required to collect data regularly on the source.
  • Source Interventions module provides project managers and planners with the means to answer questions about the past, on-going and planned activities on a source, and by whom.

To meet the diverse needs of different users, SWIMS offers a feature for querying data in a variety of ways and generating reports in MS Excel. This allows users to customize the reports to suit their organization's requirements. The data is generated in a format that can be easily imported and mapped by GIS applications. Click here to download the swims district maps. Data sharing amongst swims users has been simplified into a click of a button  [Import/Export] function. If you are using SWIMS, you can update the national water sources database by emailing your SWIMS export data to .

Click on the links  to download the field data collection forms and guide: Berkads, Boreholes, Dams, Shallow wells, Springs,Others, Interventions, data collection guide

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